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Soft Facilities Management


Ensure effective and sustainable provision and maintenance of soft facilities such as catering, cleaning, linen and laundry as well as mortuary within identified health centres and hospitals.


·         To effectively plan the implementation of catering, cleaning, mortuary, security as well as linen and laundry in              health facilities under Soft Facilities Management.

·         To effectively develop, and ensure implementation and coordination of guidelines for contracted maintenance           works.

·         To provide continuous integration of sustainability principles and maintenance initiatives of the catering,                       cleaning mortuary, linen and laundry sectors.

·         To manage, coordinate and supervise health facilities maintenance contracts.

·         To regularly review and approve statements of works submitted by maintenance contractors within the catering, cleaning, mortuary, linen and laundry services provision.

Project Brief:

The Soft Facilities Management (SFM)

The Soft Facilities section’s key aim is to ensure effective implementation of maintenance of health facilities in Quthing as a pilot district and rolling out to the Mokhotlong district with future intention to cover all other health facilities throughout the country. Furthermore, this initiative is intended to manage and administer health facilities maintenance contracts in the said areas of Quthing and Mokhotlong. There are 8 health centres and 1 hospital in Quthing as well as 10 health centres and 1 hospital in the Mokhotlong district.


Soft Facilities Management focuses on maintenance of five main health service delivery areas namely;

·         Catering

·         Cleaning

·         Security

·         Linen and Laundry

·         Mortuary



This service basically looks at ensuring that all patients both pre and post-natal receive nutritious meals at all times for sustainable health and speedy recovery. In the Quthing district, catering service is provided in the 8 health centres and 1 hospital. Mokhotlong as a new project area is still to be finalised.



The main aim is to manage the provision of proper cleaning and disinfection of all the health facilities falling under the health facilities maintenance projects in both Quthing and Mokhotlong. Quthing cleaning service is provided in 9 health centres.



The core focus in this area is to provide adequate 24 hours security services to health facilities. These services are done through providing safe and secure environment for both health professionals and patients in the earmarked health facilities. In the Quthing district, the service is provided to the 3 CHAL health centres.


Linen and Laundry

The linen and laundry aims at providing internationally approved cleaning procedures. This service is provided in the 9 health centres of Quthing and to be rolled out to 10 health centres and 1 hospital in Mokhotlong.



The main aim is to ensure that the remains of patients who perish while in the hospitals’ custody and those brought by police are well preserved and handled in a safe and dignified manner.