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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement offers Lesotho an opportunity to engage a wide variety of stakeholders across the Lesotho’s public sector, private sector and business community, non-governmental and civil society organizations, and academia as partners in compact development (through a Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement process); to obtain expert advice and collect qualitative data for technical analyses; to ensure that decisions about the direction and content of the proposed compact program are well informed; to validate or adjust analyses, thereby helping ensure the technical quality of work; to manage risks and impacts; and to identify opportunities to maximize development impact.

Stakeholder engagement also helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the compact program’s impacts. Early analysis and planning is important for staffing, scoping, and properly integrating stakeholder engagement into the compact development process.

Practically, through an approved strategy, activities aimed at organizing the public around the compact as well as building goodwill and ownership include multi-stakeholder forums, advisory panels, consensus building processes, participatory decision processes, focus group meetings, surveys, partnership building mechanisms, technical meetings, closed meetings and collaborative platforms. These are augmented by public information tools and techniques such as media releases, press conferences, radio programmes, bulletins, newsletters, brochures, website uploads and media articles.

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