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Investment Opportunity Analysis

Investment Opportunity Analysis

The purpose of private sector analysis is to identify and assess constraints to private sector activity in Lesotho and to develop opportunities to expand private sector participation and investment in the economy through defined compact programme. Working together with the Economist, the Private Sector Specialist (PSS) undertook Constraints Analysis in order to understand impediments to economic growth and private sector business concerns.

The PSS further undertook the Productive Sector Analysis (PSA) and value chain study to identify the key strategic sectors and sub-sectors which can be instrumental in addressing the problem of unemployment and stimulating economic growth. These sectors are agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and cultural and creatives industries.

The PSS will finally identify and design approaches which will address these impediments and ensure long term financial and institutional sustainability of the compact programme. This work also entails outreach to business community in their various forms and groupings including small businesses, business associations, cooperatives, and both domestic and foreign investors. Furthermore, the Private Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) and Technical Working Groups (TWGs) were established to facilitate dialogue between private and public sector, and to provide technical support to the compact development process.

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