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Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis

Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis

Gender inequality and social issues are among significant constraint to inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Lesotho. Therefore, it is an important aspect to consider in the development of the Lesotho’s second compact funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), in line with the identified binding constraints.

The Government of Lesotho is committed to gender equality as a development objective supporting inclusive growth and poverty reduction. It also indicates Government of Lesotho’s commitment to promoting gender equality by providing marginalized and vulnerable groups including women and men, youth, people living with disability etc., in rural and urban settings with the same legal ability and opportunity to interact with the private and public sector.

The gender and social assessment is conducted independently and/or integrated into relevant areas of study to inform and make strategic recommendations for the development and design of the compact programs. The objective is to identify legal, policy, institutional and socio-cultural constraints to gender equality and inclusion, critical dimensions linked to inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction. This also extends to understanding the link between gender and social issues and human capital and their impact on outcomes in Lesotho.

GSI makes technical input to consistently integrate these issues into the beneficiary analysis, stakeholder engagement, environmental and social protection, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and other compact development support activities. These aid in ensuring a participatory process, equitable representation, a comprehensive and responsive compact program.

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