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Business Environment and Technical Assistance (BETA)

Business Environment and Technical Assistance (BETA)

The BETA project plans to increase profits for high-growth potential firms, including enterprises owned by women and youth and firms in rural areas. The project will work across key productive sectors like agriculture, creative industries, manufacturing, and tourism to support the growth of existing and new firms through technical assistance, business development services and linkages to financing opportunities. Grant funding will be available for select women and youth-owned businesses to purchase equipment, goods, and facilitate business plan implementation. The BETA Project is comprised of the following three activities:

a) Pipeline development of businesses by identifying, building, and connecting existing and new high-growth potential firms to direct technical assistance and Business Development Services (BDS) to support increased firm level profits and business maturation;

b) Strengthening the business ecosystem by facilitating a public-private dialogue in which the private sector actors can engage with the Government to increase private sector participation in public policy decision-making, thereby improving delivery of critical services for strengthening the business environments; and

c) Strengthening the financial ecosystem by increasing financing options for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and large firms by structuring financing vehicles that address access to credit issues for firms across the size spectrum, especially women and youth owned firms, and building the capacity of financial sector actors to develop and deliver innovative financial products.


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