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Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Project

The Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) project aims to improve primary healthcare services and standards of care, improve healthcare financial and management systems, and work with the Ministry of Health to modernize health data systems. The project is expected to improve health outcomes, especially maternal and child health, and increase cost savings. The project is comprised of the following three activities:

a) Provide high quality primary health care (PHC) services, including clinical services and those targeted at survivors of gender-based violence (GBV)through an integrated approach that includes support to stakeholders at the national, district, and village levels;

b) Improve the capacity of the local-level healthcare management units, known as district Health Management Teams (DHMTs), to address local priorities and deliver high quality PHC services to the populations they serve. This will be achieved through expanding DHMT health financial systems and management capacity and bolstering the institutional support DHMTs receive from national and central level entities; and

c) Strengthen digital health services by making health data systems across Lesotho interoperable, improving data availability, confidentiality, analysis, and usability at all levels of the health system, and equipping the Government to improve its current and future workforce capacities to analyze and use health data.