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Health Information and Communications Technology (HICT)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Provision of Support and Maintenance coverage for Health ICT systems. The project covers Hospitals (18), DHMT Offices (10), Health Centres (93 HCs), Ministry of Health (MoH) and CHAL Head Quarters.

The project also includes roll-out of installation of LAN Infrastructure to remaining 62 HCs to cover all 155 Health Centres in 2022/23 fiscal year. To date 13 have been completed increasing number of HCs with LAN from 93 to 106.

Lastly, is to connect HCs with LAN to Lesotho Government Data Network (LGDN) in order for them to have Internet services in collaboration with MCST. To date connection to LGDN is complete at 54 HFs (18/18 hospitals, 10/10 DHMTs and 26/155HCs) have Internet services.