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Ensure effective management of hard facilities maintenance in order to ensure efficient and sustainable health service delivery

Planning and coordination of health facilities maintenance projects.
Development and implementation of quality assurance/quality control systems.
Development and implementation of risk management systems.
Management and administration of health facilities maintenance contracts.
Provision of technical advice on policy development and periodic review.

Project Brief
The Hard Facilities Management exists to ensure implementation of the maintenance projects in all health facilities belonging to MoH, CHAL, MCC and Red Cross. This intervention is aimed at ensuring that infrastructure in all heath are facilities is maintained in accordance with the standard. There is a total of 155 Health Centres, Botšabelo Complex and 17 Hospitals countrywide.
Hard Facilities Management (HFM) has four (2) projects divided into two (2) divisions as follows;

Building and Technical Services (BTS)
1. Building, Water and Plumbing (BWP)
2. Electricity Services (ES)

Equipment and Furniture Maintenance
1. Medical Equipment (ME)
2. General Equipment and Furniture Maintenance and Repairs (GEFMR)