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a. LMDA stands for Lesotho Millennium Development Agency. An entity established by Law in Lesotho.

a. Legally, it is the same thing, just a change of name. Functionally, MCA-Lesotho implemented the MCC funded compact while LMDA is funded by GoL.

a. The overall goal of LMDA is three-fold, firstly it is to support the Ministry of Health through maintenance of its health facilities throughout the country, secondly to coordinate sustainability of compact I investments, and thirdly, to develop compact II.

a. A compact is a funded programme packed with a number of costed projects linked together to achieve a broad objective.

a. LMDA is a state-owned agency under the Ministry of Finance.


a. LMDA provides maintenance to the infrastructure at 156 health centres, 17 hospitals and Botšabelo Complex
b. Provision of electricity to the same health facilities
c. It provides maintenance of soft services such as linen and laundry, catering for hospitalized patients and for waiting mothers, mortuaries and security
d. Provisions of Environmental and Health Care Risk Waste Management services, pest control, incinerator maintenance and installation where necessary and supply of consumables.
e. It provides Emergency Transport Services for referrals from health centres to hospitals.
f. Maintenance of specialised and medical equipment, and furniture in the health facilities
g. Provision of Information and Communication Technology to District Health Management Team offices, Health Facilities and Ministry of Health headquarters
h. Its indirect beneficiaries are the public who receive improved health services as a result of support provided by LMDA.


a. LMDA does not provide funding, it is not a donor, it is funded by the Government of Lesotho.

a. LMDA was renamed in 2014 following closure of MCA-Lesotho.

a. LMDA is currently implementing a 5-Year Strategic Plan which is from April 2018 to March 2023