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Environment and waste management

Ensure effective implementation of health care waste management and vector control activities and integration of environmental, social and gender issues in all LMDA activities.



– Development and implementation of environmental, health and safety policies and procedures for maintenance works.

– Management and administration of health care risk waste contracts.

– Management and administration of disease vector control contracts for all health facilities.

– Management and administration of Incinerator maintenance and repairs contract.

– Development and implementation of environmental, social, health and safety monitoring and auditing systems.

Project Brief

The Environment and Waste Management component is aimed at ensuring infection control through implementation of Health Care Risk Waste Management system and Vector Control in all health facilities belonging to MoH, CHAL, MCC and Red Cross as part of the overall health maintenance programme. It comprises of four projects as indicated below.

a) Health Care Risk Waste (HCRW) Management
HCRW Management entails collection of HCRW from 179 health facilities and Botsabelo Complex to 17 hospitals throughout the country for incineration. This activity is divided into three (3) lots

b) General Waste Management (GWM)
GWM entails collection of general waste from 14 hospitals to designated waste disposal sites throughout the country. This activity is divided into six (6) lots.

c) Disease Vector Control
Disease Vector Control intends to control occurrence of pest infestation within 158 health centres and 18 Hospitals in the country. There are three lots under this project.

d) Incinerator Maintenance and Repairs
The incinerator maintenance and repairs is done at 17 hospitals located in urban centres throughout the country.

e) Emergency Transport Services