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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA).

The year 2018 marks ten years since implementation of the first compact between the Government of Lesotho (GOL) through the Millennium Challenge Account – Lesotho (MCA-L) now LMDA, and the Government of United States of America (USA) through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

In the ten years since Entry into Force of compact I, the Agency has grown and evolved significantly. Initially, the focus was on implementing compact I programmes comprising private sector projects, water sector projects and health sector projects.

Following the successful completion of the first compact in 2013, the mandate of the Organisation was modified to maintenance of health facilities in Lesotho, coordinating sustainability of compact I investments and development of compact II. Under this mandate, some 17 hospitals and 156 health centres are currently being maintained by the LMDA. This maintenance process is expected to generate increased public confidence in the country’s health system.

In addition, the process to develop a second compact for Lesotho is progressing well. To achieve its overall goal of reducing poverty through economic growth, the process has identified constraints to increased investment, growth and job creation as well as involving the private sector as the engine for sustainable economic development. Through its five phases, the compact development process is expected to prepare the ground for job-creating investments in Lesotho. This can be achieved within a climate of political stability and sustainability of compact I investments. It is therefore the responsibility of all of us to contribute individually and collectively towards the realization of this important catalyst for change.

Finally, the LMDA is a people-centred organisation whose core values underpin the day-to-day activities of each and every one of the LMDA Team. Our core values are: transparency, accountability, efficiency, excellence, corruption-free, team work, and social responsibility.
It is my firm belief that it is these core values that have made the LMDA an organisation of choice in the delivery of the assigned mandate. Please make use of this platform to offer your views, suggestions, advice and constructive criticisms. Your feedback is invaluable to building a great future for our country.

Khotso! Pula! Nala!